In essence, fuzzy logic (FL) is focused on modes of reasoning which are approximate rather than exact. Fuzzy logic is aimed at precipitation of approximate reasoning. In fuzzy logic, everything, including truth, is or is allowed to be a matter of degree, in bivalent logic, everything is either true or false. There is a fundamental conflict between bivalence and reality 




In the evolution of science a time comes when alongside the brilliant successes of a theory, T, what become visible are classes of problems, which fall beyond the reach of T. At that point, the stage is set for a progression from T to T*–a generalization of T. 


Among the many historical examples are the transitions from Newtonian mechanics to quantum mechanics; from linear system theory to nonlinear system theory; and from deterministic models to probabilistic models in economics and decision analysis 


In this perspective, a fundamental point– a point which is not as yet widely recognized– is that there are many classes of problems, which cannot be addressed by any theory, T, which is based on bivalent logic. The problem with bivalent logic is that it is in fundamental conflict with reality– a reality in which almost everything is a matter of degree 


To address such problems what is needed is a logic for modes of reasoning which are approximate rather than exact. This is what fuzzy logic is aimed at. In a sense, if bivalent logic is the logic of measurements, then fuzzy logic is the logic of perceptions. 

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